Beautiful boat for 4 people in Nieuwpoort Marina

Boot Singa

4 Guests, 0 Bedroom

About this property

Have you always wanted to sleep on a beautiful boat and sunbathe on the deck like a celebrity?
In the beautiful Marina of Nieuwpoort, lies this beautiful boat.
The boat is anchored in the harbour and can sail with a captain on request ( and for a fee ).
The boat has a beautiful deck where you can sunbathe, and a lovely seating area with lounge sofas.
When the weather is less clement, you can close the lounge area and sit comfortably dry.
In the boat there are two double beds and a kitchen where you can cook something yourself.
A cosy sitting area, and a small bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet. You can take a shower there, but if you want more comfort, you can also take a shower in the harbour's shower building.
The harbour has many facilities including a restaurant, a padel court and much more.
You can park in front of the harbour on a general parking lot. On arrival, you will be given a pass to enter the toilet building and, if necessary, to drive through the barriers to the other car park.
If you want to go sailing in the afternoon, you can arrange this with the owner.

From the harbour, a little train leaves for the centre of Nieuwpoort. This way you can explore the town.
From the boat, you can also take lovely walks through the harbour and the surrounding area.
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Max 4 Guests
0 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
0 Pet
0 Baby
20 m2


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