Classic Galapagos: South Eastern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)


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Tour length 10 days

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Christmas & New Year
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Travel to a place where the creatures and the landscapes exemplify the beauty and the diversity of life on our planet. This 10-day trip will have you hiking through prickly pear cactus forest on the rugged cliffs of Isla Santa Fe in the morning, then watching the sunset with a cocktail in hand just a few hours later. Exotic animals crowd these isolated islands, and you can expect to encounter giant tortoises, spiky marine iguanas, curious sea lions and all manner of colourful, rare birdlife. For the best the Galapagos Islands have to offer, look no further than this classic adventure.This trip involves lots of active adventure and we ask that you read through the itinerary carefully to ensure that this trip is right for you. You’ll need to feel comfortable with the included activities and with moving about the boat. The cabins and communal areas of the boat are spread over three decks and the steps between the decks are steep.For getting to small islets, coves and prime snorkelling spots, it is sometimes necessary to use a Zodiac boat (panga). You will need to be comfortable climbing in and out of one during wet and dry landings.The waters of the Galapagos are generally calm and serene. However, there is always the possibility of choppy water at sea. Steady sea legs (and a sturdy stomach) will be needed when walking around the boat during bad weather. Rain or shine, your trusty crew will always be on hand to assist you.Please note that while there is an itinerary in place, some changes may occur due to the weather or because of direction from the local authorities. This can happen with little notice so please be prepared for potential modifications to the route or activities. A sense of humour and flexibility will ensure you have a fun, relaxing trip through this beautiful part of the world no matter what happens..
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Tour length 10 days
Language English
Group size 16
Age range 12 - 99

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Intrepid Travel


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Day 1: Quito
Day 2: Isla Baltra/Isla Santa Cruz
Day 3: Isla Santa Fe/Isla Plaza Sur
Day 4: Isla Espanola/Bahia Gardner/Punta Suarez
Day 5: Isla San Cristobal/Leon Dormido/Isla Lobos/Punta Pitt
Day 6: Isla San Cristobal
Day 7: Bartolome
Day 8: Isla Santiago/Espumilla Beach/Buccaneer Cove/Puerto Egas
Day 9: Isla Santa Cruz/Quito
Day 10: Quito


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