Cosy holiday home for 10 persons in the French Ardennes

Maison Bolbec

10 Guests, 4 Bedrooms

About this property

Just across the Belgian border near the lovely city of Sedan, in the French Ardennes, you will find this cosy
holiday home.
The house is equipped with all conveniences and has a spacious garden. There is a cosy open fireplace that you can enjoy during the colder days.
In the back of the garden of the holiday home, there are animals like sheep, ducks and chickens. The garden is fenced so it is very suitable for families with dogs.
There are several nice attractions to visit. The castle of Sedan, the Fortress of Villy and the beautiful city of Charleville. This is a small selection of all the beauty. The city is located on the Meuse. If you like a good beer, this is the place to be. There are several breweries in the region where local beers are made
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Max 10 Guests
4 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
3 Pets
2 Babies
120 m2


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