Cosily furnished chalet in Hulshorst on the Veluwe


3 Guests, 2 Bedrooms

About this property

This cosy and comfortably furnished holiday home is located on the beautiful Veluwe. The house has a gas fire and a cosy covered conservatory. During the summer evenings you can enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature in your own garden or terrace.

At the Veluwemeer, you can enjoy one of the cosy terraces on the beach, where you can enjoy the beautiful view, delicious food and much more. In the summer, you can swim in the lake in one of the four beach pools, or hire a boat in one of the water sports harbours.

Take a beautiful bike ride and get on the ferry to Biddinghuizen. In 25 minutes you are on the other side. You can also enjoy cycling through the polder. The Veluwe region also offers beautiful cycling tours, as well as opportunities for hikers, mountain bikers and culture enthusiasts.
Visit the Kroller Moller museum in Otterlo or Paleis het Loo in Apeldoorn. The baroque gardens of the Palace Park are breathtaking.

The property is suitable for tourist purposes only. Other stays are not accepted.
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Max 3 Guests
2 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom
1 Pet
1 Baby
60 m2


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