Epic Egypt, Jordan, Israel & the Palestinian Territories (from Cairo to Tel Aviv)

Egypt,  Jordan,  Israel

Tour length 19 daysFrom Cairo to Tel Aviv
In-depth Cultural
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On this epic 19-day journey through Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, you’ll witness the grandeur of the Pyramids of Giza (one of the Seven Wonders of the World), the Valley of the Kings in Luxor and hop in a kayak to sail down the Nile. Spend a night on a traditional felucca under starry skies, then find hidden bars in Amman. Hike in Wadi Rum and explore the land in a 4WD. Witness the awe-inspiring site of Petra (your second Wonder of the World this trip) and soak away your worries in the Dead Sea. Eat your way around Jerusalem's lively Machane Yehuda Market (known for its deliciously fresh food), then trek through enchanting desert-scapes in Ein Gedi National Park. Visit Bethlehem and discover thought-provoking street art along the West Bank Barrier (including a Banksy piece!) and drive through the countryside to the seaside party town of Tel Aviv – this is one to remember. This trip is made for travellers who value their independence but also want the benefit of a local leader and a group of like-minded travellers. We recommend budgeting a little extra cash for activities that aren’t included in your free time. This trip includes the adventure of overnight train travel, one of the most unique ways to wake up in a new and strange place. You’ll get a small bed and air conditioning in a shared room, but the train might not be as clean as you’re used to.Temperatures can be very hot in Summer, so we recommend a good hat, sunscreen and long sleeves to shade you from those rays. It’s not all hot desert days, as the winter months (December to February) can be quite cold. In Jordan, temperatures in northern parts of the country can drop to freezing overnight. Pack smart to prepare you for varying temperatures if travelling during these months. Some accommodation on this trip is in dorm rooms with up to 12 travellers. They may not all be fellow Intrepid travellers, and your group could be split across different rooms. Where possible (and unless requested otherwise) we will accommodate you in same gender rooms. Sites can get congested during peak travel periods with coaches of large pilgrim groups. We do our best to plan our visits around these times but sometimes it is unavoidable. There may be delays, queues and private services that prevent us from entering the site. Your trip leader will manage this as best as they can on the day. 
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Tour length 19 days
Group size 16
Age range 18 - 29

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Day 1: Cairo
Day 2: Cairo/Pyramids/Sphinx
Day 3: Aswan
Day 4: Aswan
Day 5: Nile Felucca
Day 6: Luxor
Day 7: Luxor / Valley of the Kings
Day 8: Cairo
Day 9: Amman
Day 10: Wadi Rum
Day 11: Wadi Rum
Day 12: Petra
Day 13: Petra
Day 14: Madaba
Day 15: Jerusalem
Day 16: Jerusalem
Day 17: Jerusalem
Day 18: Tel Aviv
Day 19: Tel Aviv


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