One Week in Thailand: Kayaking and Hilltribes


Tour length 8 daysFrom Bangkok to Bangkok
Christmas & New Year
In-depth Cultural
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Head into the hills and get sky-high on this eight-day northern Thailand adventure. Pass through the bustling hub of Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, and take the time to check out the night markets and bars well worth hopping. Trek the hillside villages outside of Chiang Mai, before exploring the city and its colourful nightlife. Find waterfalls, elephants and your new fave activity (kayaking, anyone?) and soak in some gorgeous natural scenery that you’d only see from local hilltribes. This journey will take you through temples, jungles, markets and mountains, sure get your heart pumping and your tastebuds singing. This trip includes a two-day hillside trek, which is challenging and involves a lot of walking. Take note of the time of year you’re trekking to know what to expect weather-wise. The wet season runs from May to October and often results in muddy or slippery paths. Please ensure you bring sturdy walking shoes and comfortable clothes. Hiking boots and long pants during wet season are highly recommended. To make the most of the trip, it's best if you have a good level of fitness.Part of travelling with Intrepid means respecting local cultures and sensibilities. That way you get the most out of your interactions with local people. Please bring clothes that cover the arms and pants/skirts that go past the knees. A light scarf is also a good idea for covering shoulders and arms when it’s hot.This trip involves some long journeys on the road and two overnight trains, which can be tiresome. Although conditions are basic, overnight trains are a true local experience and the best way to travel long distances, meet locals and maximise time at your destinations. Occasionally passengers of different genders will be required to share a compartment and/or you'll be sharing with locals or travellers from other groups. For your own security, take a lock for your luggage.As this is a Basix trip, the majority of activities are optional and you'll have lots of free time. This means you're able to do your own thing at your own pace.
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Tour length 8 days
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Day 1: Bangkok
Day 2: Bangkok - Overnight Train
Day 3: Chiang Mai
Day 4: Chiang Mai - Hilltribe Trek
Day 5: Hilltribe Trek
Day 6: Chiang Mai
Day 7: Chiang Mai - Overnight sleeper train
Day 8: Bangkok


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