Epic Mexico to Costa Rica (19 destinations)

Mexico,  Belize,  Guatemala,  El Salvador,  Nicaragua,  Costa Rica

Tour length 32 daysFrom Playa del Carmen to San Jose
In-depth Cultural
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From cloud forests and volcanic peaks to sun-drenched island beaches and lost temples, Central America is bursting with natural wonders and converging cultures. On this 32-day adventure, you’ll kick off in Mexico’s Playa del Carmen and snake through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Relax by colourful architecture in San Miguel, trek to the jungle ruins of Tikal, brush up on your Espanol over an icy cerveza and stay in villages dwarfed by volcanoes. Whether you’re haggling in the markets of Chichicastenango, chilling in a Caribbean town on the Rio Dulce or wandering cobblestone streets in Antigua, this tour gives you a taste of Central America’s myriad of flavours. From ancient Maya ruins to modern nightlife, you’ll explore the sights and sounds of Latin life and dive into the wilds of seldom-seen hotspots.This trip involves some long days of travel by private and local transport. While this can be tiring, it's also a fantastic way to rub shoulders with the locals. You’ll be crossing the borders between several countries on this trip and while it is usually straightforward, you may need to be patient. Ensure you’ve got your best car game ready if there are any delays!Central America is tropical, so expect a hot and humid climate. Make sure you protect yourself from the sun, wear comfortable, light clothing and stay hydrated – especially when out on walking tours. Air conditioning may not always be available in your rooms. Occasionally, properties may require an additional charge for the use of air conditioning.With so much to see and do, Costa Rica can sometimes be expensive. Expect to pay more than you would in other Central American countries for a lot of things.There are many opportunities to get active on this adventure. Some of the optional activities, especially the volcano hikes, require a moderate level of fitness and sturdy walking shoes. Want to take it easy? There are plenty of other things you can do instead.
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Tour ID 92135
Tour length 32 days
Group size 16
Age range 18 - 29

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Day 1: Playa del Carmen
Day 2: Tulum
Day 3: Tulum
Day 4: Caye Caulker
Day 5: Caye Caulker
Day 6: Caye Caulker
Day 7: San Ignacio
Day 8: San Ignacio
Day 9: Tikal National Park
Day 10: Rio Dulce
Day 11: Rio Dulce
Day 12: Antigua
Day 13: Chichicastenango / Lake Atitlan
Day 14: Lake Atitlan
Day 15: Antigua
Day 16: Antigua
Day 17: Cerro Verde
Day 18: Cerro Verde
Day 19: San Miguel
Day 20: Leon
Day 21: Granada
Day 22: Granada
Day 23: Ometepe Island
Day 24: Ometepe Island
Day 25: San Juan del Sur
Day 26: San Juan del Sur
Day 27: Monteverde
Day 28: Monteverde
Day 29: La Fortuna
Day 30: La Fortuna
Day 31: San Jose
Day 32: San Jose


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