Peru & Galapagos Explorer (18 destinations)

Peru,  Bolivia,  Ecuador

Tour length 30 daysFrom Lima to Quito
In-depth Cultural
Fully Guided

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This trip combines our most comprehensive adventure through Peru with an immersive experience on the Galapagos Islands to become a breathtaking 30-day tour through ancient cities and beautiful landscapes. Cruise deep into the Amazon and spend two nights in jungle lodges, stay with a local family on Lake Titicaca’s floating islands, explore Colca Canyon and reach the famed Inca city of Machu Picchu by trek or train. Just when you think it can’t get any more amazing, prepare to have your mind blown all over on the Galapagos Islands. Encounter colourful, bizarre and beautiful wildlife and traverse volcanic landscapes. Walk among giant tortoises, hike to the top of a volcano on Isla Isabela and fall in love with sea lions. Sometimes you’ve got to rough it to get amongst it. While most of the accommodation on this trip is tourist class, there will be some very basic accommodation when it makes sense. This includes the two homestays in rural Peru, the Amazon Jungle eco-lodges and (if you choose to trek to Machu Picchu) camping along the Inca or Quarry Trail. There'll be no power in these places and some won't have showers and hot water.The Amazon can be hot, humid and sticky. While travelling in this region, it's best to wear light cotton clothing and come prepared with insect repellent.Altitude sickness is always a possibility at the heights this trip reaches, regardless of age or health. Please see the ‘Medical and health information’ section of Essential Trip Information for more detail on this.This trip involves a lot of walking, such as the 5—6 hour hike to the top of Sierra Negra Volcano in The Galapagos. If you choose to hike either the Inca or Quarry trails, they will be strenuous. The trip is recommended for those with at least a moderate level of fitness. Please bring durable footwear suitable to hiking. See the ‘Packing’ section of the Essential Trip Information for details.This trip involves a lot of travel by speedboat between the various Galapagos Islands. The rides can be quite bumpy at times, but the good news is that seasickness can often be managed with medication. Please consult a health professional to assess your suitability for such medication.Close proximity to the equator means sun in the Galapagos Islands is incredibly strong. Ensure you are prepared with sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. We also recommend a rash guard.This trip includes multiple snorkelling excursions. Travellers often find snorkelling in the Galapagos to be the most memorable part of their journey, jut note that confident swimming skills are required to take part. Alternative activities will not be on offer.According to Machu Picchu visiting regulations, all visitors must follow a pre-determined route within the site. This route must be followed in one direction only, and once the guided visit commences exiting and re-entering the site is not permitted. Once the guided visit concludes, visitors must exit the site and personal exploration of Machu Picchu is not permitted. Please refer to the itinerary for details.Travellers who choose different ways of reaching Machu Picchu (Inca Trail, Quarry Trail or Train), will not follow the same routes within Machu Picchu. This means that you may not be able to have photos together, overlooking Machu Picchu. This applies to travellers on the same booking or separate bookings.
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Tour length 30 days
Group size 16
Age range 15 - 99

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Day 1: Lima
Day 2: Pisco
Day 3: Pisco
Day 4: Arequipa
Day 5: Arequipa
Day 6: Chivay
Day 7: Colca Canyon to Puno
Day 8: Llachon community
Day 9: Puno
Day 10: Cusco
Day 11: Cusco
Day 12: Inca Trail
Day 13: Inca Trail
Day 14: Inca Trail
Day 15: Cusco
Day 16: Cusco
Day 17: Amazon Jungle
Day 18: Amazon Jungle
Day 19: Lima
Day 20: Lima
Day 21: Quito
Day 22: Isla San Cristobal, Galapagos
Day 23: Isla San Cristobal
Day 24: Isla Floreana/ Isla Isabela
Day 25: Isla Isabela
Day 26: Isla Isabela
Day 27: Isla Isabela / Isla Santa Cruz
Day 28: Isla Santa Cruz
Day 29: Quito
Day 30: Quito


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