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Peru,  Bolivia

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Tour length 15 days

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Christmas & New Year
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About this tour

Not only does this two-week adventure visit one of the famed Seven Wonders of the World (Machu Picchu), but it also dips into the natural wonder of the Amazon Jungle as well as Puno, capital city Lima and bustling Cusco. Whether you opt to sweat it up on the ancient Inca Trail or take the scenic train route, you can choose your own adventure – then celebrate it all with a few pisco sours! Stay in a proper eco-lodge in the jungle, where you’ll explore by day and float on the Amazon River by night (look out for anacondas, jaguars and caimans) then stay with a local family on the shores Lake Titicaca, where you can soak away your worries. Hit the nightlife in Cusco, then end it all with a couple of relaxing days in foodie paradise Lima. On this trip, you’ll be camping along the Inca Trail and spending the night in a homestay on Lake Titicaca. Both have very basic, shared facilities (such as drop toilets and no showers). This is all part of the adventure of being among nature! While hiking the four-day Inca Trail or three-day Inca Quarry trail, you may be joined by some non-Intrepid travellers who might be over 35 years old.The Amazon Jungle can be very hot and humid. Light cotton clothing is the best way to tackle this. Also, don't forget tropical-strength insect repellent! It’s also important to wear sunscreen and always drink plenty of water. This trip involves a lot of hiking and walking, so it does require a moderate level of fitness. There are a few different trail options to suit your interests and physical capabilities. Please bring durable footwear. See the ‘What to Take’ section of the Essential Trip information (ETI) for more information. Due to the high altitude of many places, some people can suffer altitude sickness. Some people aren’t affected at all, but if you are, be sure to drink plenty of water and don’t push yourself too hard. If possible, arrive a few days early to allow yourself time to acclimatise. Please see the ‘Health’ section of the Essential Trip information (ETI) for more important information about altitude sickness. Travellers who choose different ways of reaching Machu Picchu (Inca Trail, Quarry Trail or Train), will not follow the same routes within Machu Picchu. This means that you may not be able to have photos together overlooking Machu Picchu. This applies to travellers on the same booking or separate bookings. 
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Tour ID 16571
Tour length 15 days
Language English
Group size 16
Age range 18 - 35

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Day 1: Lima
Day 2-3: Puerto Maldonado (Amazon Jungle lodge)
Day 4: Cusco
Day 5: Sacred Valley / Ollantaytambo
Day 6: Inca Trail, Quarry Trail or Train Option
Day 7: Inca Trail, Quarry Trail or Train Option
Day 8: Inca Trail, Quarry Trail or Train Option
Day 9: Inca Trail, Quarry Trail or Train Option and Machu Picchu
Day 10: Cusco
Day 11: Puno
Day 12: Lake Titicaca (Homestay)
Day 13: Puno
Day 14: Lima
Day 15: Lima


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