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Travel to Myanmar and discover a country of mythical landscapes, ancient treasures and some of the friendliest folk you’ll ever meet. From golden-gilded Buddhas in Yangon and the magical temples of Bagan to the tranquillity of Inle Lake, Myanmar will excite, impress and intrigue you. A visit to Myanmar is to experience the South East Asia of twenty years ago, full of rarely seen sights and generations of stories just waiting to be told. Come and discover a little bit of Myanmar magic with us.This trip involves a lot of walking – often barefoot. You’ll be visiting many religious sites where you must remove all footwear before entering. In places like Bagan, you may need to climb steep steps (sometimes without railing) barefoot, but the views are well worth it.You’ll stay at a Community Lodge in central Myanmar, in simple accommodation with limited facilities.But the experience promises to be fantastic.Touring by bicycle is probably the best way to see Bagan and the villages surrounding the Community Lodge. Although it’s an easy ride well within the abilities of most people, it does take you off paved roads and onto sandy terrain.This trip takes you on a full-day walking tour of the villages around Kalaw. While the walk itself is quite easy, you’ll need a decent level of fitness to get through the long day.Myanmar is a hot and humid country in general, although it can be much cooler in winter. If you don’t tolerate the heat well, perhaps consider taking a trip in the cooler winter months (November - February).Myanmar is a big country and there are many long days of travelling. Expect to spend a lot of time in a vehicle when travelling between destinations. This is a great opportunity to sit back, enjoy the passing scenery and get to know your fellow travellers.
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Tour length 15 days
Group size 12
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Day 1: Yangon
Day 2: Yangon
Day 3: Bagan
Day 4: Bagan
Day 5: Bagan/Myaing
Day 6: Myaing
Day 7: Mandalay
Day 8: Mandalay
Day 9: Kalaw
Day 10: Kalaw
Day 11: Inle Lake
Day 12: Inle Lake
Day 13: Inle Lake
Day 14: Yangon
Day 15: Yangon


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