Gorillas, Game Parks & Beaches

Kenya,  Uganda,  Tanzania

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Tour length 27 days

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About this tour

Discover the astounding diversity of landscapes and wildlife in East Africa. Visit green-clad highlands, steamy rainforests, tropical beaches and epic grasslands in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zanzibar, enjoying unrivalled opportunities to get close to gorillas, lions, elephants, buffaloes, hippos, giraffes, flamingos and chimpanzees. This tour gives you an awesome itinerary, gorilla trek permits, plenty of included game drives, and key cultural experiences. How you spend the rest of your time is up to you! It doesn’t matter if you’re relaxing in the wild or taking part in optional excursions, the wonders of East Africa will remain vivid in your memory long after this tour ends. Conditions in the forest where we track gorillas can sometimes be wet, muddy and hot. But the sheer thrill of coming across a habituated group of gorillas makes up for any difficulty. You need to be prepared and fit enough to walk for up to 4 hours – up and down hills. A top tip is to pack some gardening gloves to assist with any uphill climbs. See https://www.intrepidtravel.com/au/gorilla-trekking for more information.We use our purpose-built overland vehicles for the duration of this trip. Please read the itinerary carefully for travel time estimates and see https://www.intrepidtravel.com/africa/overland for more info on this style of travel.You’ll be camping a lot on this trip, giving you access to more remote destinations at close proximity, plus the joy of staying right in the heart of the action.This is a participatory trip – a fancy way of saying you’re not just along for the ride, but you are part of a team! Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and help out with camp activities like food prep and washing up. It’s all about giving your new travel mates a hand, and everyone knows there’s nothing worse than trying to put up a tent on your own!As the early bird catches the worm, so the early camper sights the animals. There will be many early starts on this trip, either to make better use of the safari time or to beat the morning traffic on long travel days.
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Tour ID 4298
Tour length 27 days
Language English
Group size 22
Age range 15 - 99

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Day 1: Nairobi
Day 2: Lake Nakuru National Park
Day 3: Eldoret
Day 4: Kampala
Day 5: Kalinzu Forest
Day 6: Queen Elizabeth National Park
Day 7: Kisoro
Day 8: Gorilla Trek
Day 9: Gorilla Trek
Day 10: Mbarara
Day 11: Jinja
Day 12: Jinja
Day 13: Kericho
Day 14: Masai Mara National Reserve
Day 15: Masai Mara National Reserve
Day 16: Nairobi
Day 17: Mto wa Mbu
Day 18: Ngorongoro Crater / Serengeti National Park
Day 19: Serengeti National Park
Day 20: Serengeti National Park / Mto wa Mbu
Day 21: Usambara Mountains
Day 22: Usambara Mountains
Day 23: Dar es Salaam
Day 24: Stone Town
Day 25: Zanzibar Northern Beaches
Day 26: Zanzibar Northern Beaches
Day 27: Stone Town


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